King and George

These guys are the marketing warriors. King is the man behind my madness. He has to put up with me on a daily and now he is going to be what drives my success by getting the word out about The Laughing Sock. George is his life long friend and business partner who he bounces ideas off of so I don’t have to worry about all the ways to reach my audience.

Reagan and Summer

These goofball teenagers are my picker/packers and most importantly my babysitters so I can work on the business. They are going to help me pack and ship the orders out to my awesome customers and when I am busy doing other business things, they will be helping with their baby brothers. They are my dream team. Without their invaluable help, I would be lost.


She is my crazy, fun and weirdly similar twin (from another momma). We have so much in common that I know her photographs will portray exactly what I am looking for. When I first started this project, she was the first person that I thought of and when I finally reached out, Jill had absolutely no hesitation. She shares my passion to help people in need and also loves the idea of the not so normal socks! She is my go to for evil creative genius and she will be my inspiration when I am ready to launch phase two of my master plan. I don’t believe I will be nearly as successful if I didn’t have her encouragement.


He is my first born and also my purchaser. He has been such a great help with the start-up. He has reached out to all my suppliers and not only set up orders and payments, but also established relationships with the suppliers. He takes a lot of pressure from the ordering process so I can make more important decisions.

Kwintyn, Kaiden and Baby King

What can I say about these little guys? Along with Joel, Reagan and Summer, they are the most important part of my team. They are the reason.. They are what gets me motivated every morning to make myself better. They are my inspiration and are the biggest loves of my life. With these guys by my side, I know I will be successful no matter what I do. They make me proud to be their mom :)

Every single person on this rock star list is an MVP and there is no way that I could do this crazy adventure without any of them! They are all appreciated beyond words.

Finally, I would love to thank my customers! Without your support I will never be able to accomplish my dreams of helping others make a better life for themselves. Through all of you I will be able to pay it forward. By purchasing through The Laughing Sock, you will bring someone one step closer to their happiness. You can’t put that kind of joy into words.

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you

LeeAnne Chan