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My Purpose

My why is a very easy concept born from a very difficult past. I did not start out wanting to sell socks or have anything at all to do with socks. As a matter of fact, I hate(d) socks or anything that goes on my feet. I like to think of myself as a bit of a barefoot hippie. What got me into socks, though, is my need to find positive in a world of negative. My goal has never been to write blogs (because, quite frankly I am not a creative writer) or to sell anything. My goal is to spread awareness to a very near and dear topic to me of financial and economic abuse. Another part of that goal is to spread great deeds and positive experiences instead of negativity all the time. While these are nobles concepts, I still needed a form of income to spread the love and I did not just want to ask people to give me money without something in return. I racked my brain trying to think of a perfect fundraiser… SOCKS!! 

Who doesn’t love socks?!?!?!... Well, who doesn’t need to wear them anyway :) I don’t want to sell just any old pair of boring socks though. I want to sell fun, lively, festive and totally adorkable pedi sleeves. Another very important feature of these sock is that they have to be of great quality and feel good on your feet. Finally, they are geared mostly toward adults. Sure kids can wear these socks if their feet are large enough, but I want the adults to have a little fun in their life. Kids are great- I have 6 I should know- but they don’t have the stresses of adulting. They don’t have to worry about paying the mortgage or putting food on the table. To make sure this happens, you have to go to work and a lot of times you are being made to wear a uniform. What better way to express yourself than through your socks!

Once I have successfully accomplished my first goal, I will then work toward my next goal of starting a non-profit to help individuals that are either going through, or have gone through financial and economic abuse. These services will be anything from resource assistance to education. My online store in the meantime is not focused only on selling, but more on who our country is made up of and what they do to make their community a better place. If we focus, as a country,  on the positives we will be able to move mountains. What better way to do that than  to pull up your Laughing Socks and get going!

LeeAnne Chan - Owner

The Laughing Sock

- Happiness Begins with the Feet

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