What is your universe telling you?

What your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve - Napoleon Hill

So I am reading Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich this week because I need a little inspiration from one of the greatest self-help authors to ever live, like ever!! This man was truly amazing (and he isn't hard on the eyes *smiley cheese face*).

Of course most of the book is quotable, but the one that touched my heart the most is, “what your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” It touched me because throughout my whole adult life, this quote is dead on!

When I was down and being the victim, I was a very negative thinker. I was convinced that nothing could go right and you know what… It didn’t. I mean seriously, I had some bad juju floating around me.


Then, I finally woke my butt up! I decided that I am not a victim of my circumstance and I made a goal that this was the time to finish my degree. It took 9 years and a lot of obstacles but dammit I made it! I got my degree!

Now, we all know life isn’t that simple, (I mean I didn’t live happily ever after and ride off into the sunset with my perfect life) why should it be, right?!?! After college, I went back to my typical familiar place of negativity and bad luck so that totally made me lose all  focus on my goals of helping others financially. It also opened the doors for medical ailments that I was not ready to be dealing with. For crying out loud, at one point I was so bad that I couldn’t even walk! I felt like an old lady on her last leg. I am only 35!!! WTF, Right?!
By the beginning of this year I had enough. I made up my mind. Screw being sick, screw not being able to be happy, screw not being able to help others in need!
I screamed to the universe what I wanted and guess what… It’s happening!
I wanted to have better health and so my wish was granted. I ended up finding an awesome group of doctors that gave me an official diagnosis that led to drastic diet changes and ultimately a way better, healthier life. I haven’t felt this great in almost 20 years!
After fixing all my health issues, the universe granted me another wish. I gained this mental clarity and crazy focus similar to taking a high dose of ADHD pills on speed. It was as if the heavens opened up to show me my divine purpose and that, ladies and gentlemen, is when The Laughing Sock was born.

It wasn’t enough though, I wanted more(cue the little mermaid)! I want to be able to help others. Yet again, I spoke and the universe answered. I found the perfect school that is the leader in a very new field of Financial Therapy. Now I am the proud member of Kansas State University Masters Program and I will be working tandem  to get my life coaching certification.

When I made my mind not to be a victim and decided what I wanted from the universe my path became luminescent! My future's so bright I’m gonna need shades( Get it? Get it? Haha, only kids from the 80’s will get me … totally as I am dance off with a mic drop!)          



*to learn more about Napoleon Hill and his amazing organization visit.  Naphill


  • Ruth Griffin Kody

    Awesome message! Power of positive thinking!

  • Lisa M Chester

    Love this! Can totally relate, but I’m not always clear on how to get my message out to the world. You laid it out and said it beautifully!

  • Chantal

    Love this

  • Sarah Chu

    The founder of my direct sales company always recommends that book! So many good ones to get through.

  • Taralynn Cuevas

    I think there are signs all around us telling us to do what we want to do but we just need to push ourselves to act on it rather than think about it. I’m learning to do that now, little steps. 😊

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