So, this week was crazy. As part of my new life coaching program with Coach G, I was to befriend 1000 people on Facebook. Needless to say, I didn’t hit that goal, even though I did make a valiant effort. That is not what was crazy though, it way my journey to finding these  people. This week was a WT….did I get myself into type of ordeal. Now, I normally do this anyways because, well…, what can I say. I like to live on the edge.:)

So here’s the skinny.. I first just started adding random people. Of course, they didn’t know me so there was a lot of, “do I know you?” responses. Then, there was me going to sock pages and trying to find new friends that way. Nope, Nada.. not one person wanted to be my friend. My anxiety was kicking in  because I am a tad bit of a perfectionist ( well just a little more than a tad) and I am not great at rejection (I am also working on that one too).

I started to feel like the lonely kid at recess when all of a sudden, I found the holy grail of the sock and shoe group. SCORE!!! It was a closed group, which I thought was weird but didn’t think more about it after that. This group had almost 7 thousand members and it seemed pretty active. Well, me being the bone-head that I am, just started adding people Willy-Nilly, not reading the posts at all (note to self… be aware of your surroundings). I think I added 10 people when all of a sudden, DING...DING...DING... YES! JackPot!! They are accepting my friend request. How Great! Maybe I’ll get that 1000 after all.*little girl giggle*

Then….. OMG, then came the messages… At first there were three. They all started basic. You know, “how do I know you?” Which my proud reply, of course, was “Oh, I ran across your name from this group!” innocent enough, right? Wrong!! So, So, SO Wrong!!!

One woman started asking me if I was interested in her to which I replied with the no-I’m-married-with-six-kids scpheil. Then she asked if my girls were older than 18.  Wait, What?! Ok, little crazy, buh-bye… The even more crazy part is that at this point I still wasn’t putting two-and-two together. If this doesn’t show how niever I am I don’t know what does. After all, one bad apple doesn’t necessarily spoil the whole batch, right?

It wasn’t until I got the second new friend message that I was able to comprehend the type of group I was in.. This guy started off friendly enough asking about socks and my company. I was as proud as a peacock just boasting about my store and my mission when all of a sudden he goes, “I’m not really interested in new socks. Do you have used ones?”  Well no, I don’t sell used socks.. How strange… then he asked if he could buy my used socks… again, WHAT?! At this point, I told my husband about these strange encounters and of course he was like, “What group did you join??” He then continued with .. “I think you are in a fetish group!!”

WHAT??... No Way!... I hurried to Facebook and sure enough, as the day is long, staring right back at me is all these people selling used, unwashed, smelly socks! OMG!!! WTHeck!! I was mortified, embarrassed and down right puzzled. Kind of like watching those puberty videos with the rest of class in Jr. High!

Now, don’t get me wrong, to each their own. I have no business judging people. I have too much on my plate to care about what others do. Besides, I don’t ever want to be unfairly judged as well, but you better believe I got out of that group ASAP! They were not wanting what I was selling anyway!

Well, I guess the moral of the story is this… be very careful of what groups you belong to. Look at profiles very closely to make sure you are adding the appropriate (for you) people. It is ok if your not friends with everyone. Just make sure who you commune with is going to propel you forward not freak you out.

Live and learn I guess. I hope that you all got a laugh out of this as much as I .


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