New Beginnings

A lot of great things were happening this past month. I have learned a lot about myself that I didn’t know before. I learned that I can, afterall, handle rejection. While in the pursuit of finding different sock wholesalers, I have ran across my fair share of companies that would not entertain the idea of selling to me, mostly because I am new.  Before this adventure, I would have been devastated, now… Whatever, I’ll find better companies elsewhere:) Another thing that I’ve learned is that I can work hard! Sometimes I doubted my ability to be able to keep up with my daily task as well as the business but somehow I have managed quite well. I stayed up until 2 or 3 in the morning to finish an ad to turn around and be up with the kids by 7:30 to get ready for school. Finally, I learned that I can love something, other than my family. Getting into The Laughing Sock, I thought that this would be just like any other project that I have ever worked on, boy was I wrong! This project turned into another baby. I have to spend time making it better and growing it every day. When things don’t work, I have to redirect and when I don’t spend enough time, I find myself getting a little sad. I am enjoying what this project is becoming and I can’t wait to see where this adventure leads me.


  • Jill

    I absolutely love your passion for this project! And I’m so thankful that you have asked me to be a part of it. I can’t wait to see just how far you can go ❤

  • Taina

    “Triple S”- Short, sweet, simple. Thanks for sharing your struggle as many can relate.

  • Jamie Beagle

    Very inspiring never doubt your abilities!😍

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