Lesson in Being Humble

Ever since starting my journey in February, I have been on a high. I have been breaking through some really tough personal barriers like nobody's business.

For a while, I felt like I was invincible on this journey. I was clear in thought. For the first time in many years, I could see my future and for once, it was positive. Because of all the positive vibes, I have been working my butt off trying to keep the buzz of adrenaline like an addict looking for their next fix. I have been on Instagram and Facebook just spewing positive thoughts and little bits of inspiration. I’ve been watching, as my readership has been steadily increasing, in eager anticipation for me to capture the 100th monkey and finally blow up into this superstar just like the You Tube heroes say, but all of a sudden, Wack! I hit the inevitable wall.

I don’t know quite for sure what happened over the past two weeks but it appears that I fell into some quicksand and was steadily sinking. For the first time since starting this company, I felt like there was a real possibility of failure and just like coming down from my high I hit rock bottom. My get-up-and-go  got up and went and it left me behind. I no longer felt like I wanted to share on my social media pages. I completely shirked my chores of setting up meetings for recruiting sock producers. Heck, I didn’t even get on my store for five days.I completely lost all momentum… What is wrong with me?!?!?

Finally, out of desperation, I reached out to Coach G in hopes to find my way to getting  back on track. This was proven successful. She explained that my old brain is trying to fight the new because familiarity is boss.  In general, the old brain doesn’t like me changing. With changes comes the possibility of failure or in my case success and I am completely terrified of success (even though I desperately want it). I woke up to Coach G’s words that I must be at the cusp of a break through and as much as I am fighting myself I just need to push forward.

The past week, I’ve been fighting to stay above water. I am still trying to be more consistent because I realized that when I stopped pushing for my business, it started to wither and wilt like a flower in the hot dry summer heat starving for water. The great news is, it’s not dead yet. I just need to continue to push through the block and move on.

I am coming to the end of the week now with the realization that I will be going through many ups and downs in my business process. I have finally had the opportunity to slow down and be humble, which in and of itself, is a great opportunity for growth. I still remain confident, but no longer do I feel invincible. I am very thankful that the universe allowed me this experience  and many more to come. In the meantime I will just keep chugging along and winning my daily battle of motivation






  • Taralynn Cuevas

    You will get through this! You are helping others by putting your experience out there. Thank you for that! 😊

  • Andrea Scarborough

    Don’t you give up!! Don’t you quit!!!
    Amazingly, beautiful things are on your horizon, you just need to clear out some of those old “thought processes” that are blocking your vision!!
    You got This!! Keep going! Don’t you quit!!

  • Tiffany Page

    Love this!!! You are NOT invincible!!! I think a lot of us feel the way you have felt the past couple of weeks. But, you bounce back and stay humble! Nothing can stop you! I like the wau Coach G broke it down to you and it does really make sense! It’s like a battle and no matter what you’ve got to steadily push forward!!!
    Very inspirational blog👍🏾

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