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You would think that with 6 kids, my life would be pretty exciting… IT’S NOT!!! Not that it couldn’t be. I’ve seen plenty of large families going  on trips and overall, just living the life I wish I had. Now, I could sit back and be completely jealous of their lives or I could do something about it. Well, I decided to do something..

After giving this journey a lot of thought about where I wanted to take the blog, I came up with the conclusion that it would be very fitting  to experience life by taking an adventure into the world of my features. Normally, I am not a person that gets many out-of-the-box experiences but in my 35 years of life, the one thing that I have learned is, this  is no way to live the one life that you get. This blog is going to allow me to try new things and most importantly, it is going to give me an excuse to live this life like an adventure.


My first goal was to start a business! Check! The Laughing Sock has had quite a successful first month. I have reached out to a lot of new people. I have made some great new business contacts and I am on my way to meeting plenty more.

Next… how will I get my voice out there for the world to hear if I have such fear of anything that is not private?

… hmmm… Well… I could write a blog. But, it can’t be just any kind of blog. It has to be me learning how to live in an adventure. Not only that, but I wanted to feature some really great people that also has a passion for helping their community.

….. I know… Why don’t I just put myself out there and actually do, or learn of the services they are providing. Not only will I get to learn more about them,  but I get to witness first hand what it is that makes them special. Bingo! I scored my idea:)



Now that I have the next step figured out,  how the heck am I ever going to figure out how to just walk up to ( or in my case just message) random strangers and ask them to participate in this crazy adventure? I pondered the thought for several days and was just about ready to abandon the project (because there was no possible way that I could ever talk to anyone) when all the planets aligned magically in the sky and my next feature was handed to me by the Facebook Gods. She added me as a friend the week before and just like that, her content in her news feed was like the North Star shining bright, guiding me in her direction. She is going to be the one to help me get over my fears. She is going help me trust not only myself and others, but also my journey  and all the experiences along the way. She is going to be my beacon of light, my voice of reason, my Jiminy Cricket. She is none other than Coach G, my new Life Coach!


I had to find a way to get over my nerves and fears of rejection and just ask. That was the most terrifying thing I had to do in a long time, but I had to do it in order to move on! I mean, I couldn’t  write my blog without my features, right?!?!? Well, here it goes, I sent the text! Then I hyperventilated just a little. OMG!! She is going to think I’m crazy! I think I am crazy!!! What if she tells me no??  What if she says yes??!!! … Why can’t I think Straight?!... Then, I get the reply… “ I would love that!” What?? Really?! EEEEK!!! How great!!! I am so excited :) I get to talk to a complete stranger for the first time ever on this journey! Especially in an interview setting. How exciting is this?:)

Fast forward a couple days, we had an informal get-to-know-you meeting, mostly so I can come up with some questions to ask her for the blog. Unbeknownst to me, we had the longest , most insightful and eye opening conversation that led me to being a client.

In the short amount of time  that I have gotten to know Coach G, I have just been enamored by her reason to be a life coach and her passion for spreading happiness. I am very excited to share her message.  …

  • Why is Health/Life coaching important to you?
  • G: Health/Life Coaching is important to me, because there is a REAL need in the world. People are starving for guidance. With all the health controversies, and societal expectations, I like to help guide people to achieve their goals, through accountability, and support and my effective 90 day program. Most like to feel connected to people, and are struggling with anxiety or depression and lifestyle diseases, often overworked and putting themselves last. I focus on habit change, because if we can get rid of a bad habit, and replace it with a new healthier one, that's change that LASTS! I get sad, seeing people gain weight, lose it, and just continue to overall beat themselves up. I like to fix that.

  • What is the reason to do Life Coaching? Is it more of a personal satisfaction or just a sense of community passion?
  • G: The reason I do life coaching, is to help navigate people past their issues, so they can hit goals. I like to focus on the BIG 5: Money, Career, Relationships, Health, and Spiritual. Sometimes it’s just comforting to have someone in your corner, rooting you on, and helping one achieve goals. I am passionate about helping people to help themselves. Its a partnership together to commit to achieving goals, whatever it is. I realize I'm not for everyone, and I get to choose who I want to work with.

  • What would you like to see change with our community , our country?
  • G: I’d like to see the community/Country come together more...I feel we are very disconnected and desensitized. We need more education on sugar dangers, more healthy restaurant options, and better ways of making organic foods more affordable. More programs to help the youth, more support for those suffering. Somehow, we need to reverse this idea that junk food is good. If healthy foods were a fad, then I feel more would participate, but there is this stigma out there that it’s gross.

  • What are your goals to make these changes?
  • G:My goals are to redefine the coaching industry. I’d like to train and develop coaches to help spread health and hope to the world. I see a lot of great coaches who just can’t seem to get out there and make enough income to stay in business. Or they lack the business skills to stay in business. I see that a lot of coaches charge high dollar and while we are worth that, I’d like to also help the low to middle class people who need help, but can’t necessarily afford top dollar private coaching. I’d like to develop more groups and affordable ways to help people. I heard a quote once by Zig Ziglar " You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want"  While income is nice, my main motivation is to help others feel better. If I focus on providing value, I will win along with the people I help

  • Is it realistic to see everyone happy?
  • G: Is it realistic to see everyone happy? Happiness is an inside job. I have no control over how people feel, but I can help navigate them to find out who they really are, and once you know yourself, you can love yourself, and that leads to inner happiness.

  • Is life coaching your dream or a stepping stone to it?
  • G: Yes, coaching is my passion. After my husband’s suicide, I was lost, sick, broken and dying. After waking up at 30 years old, on 13 meds I had enough!  I was able to learn to eat healthy and revive myself. God actually told me I’d be a coach, 4 years before it actually happened. I was going to end my life, and I was told not to do that, for God had great things in store for me, and that I would help others in his name sake. The right people who need help, come to me. I furthered my education with Health Coach Institute and earned my Life/ Health Coaching Certification. I still pinch myself, to see that I am building this Coach G LLC from ground up! I beat my emotional eating disorder, I reversed my body diseases, and I was able to reconnect to who I really am, and luckily my mental resilience carried me through hell, and as a result I'm dedicating my life to helping others.

  • If everyone could pull one important thing from a life coaching session, what would it be?
  • G: One important thing to pull from a Life Coaching session, is mental clarity and direction. Through the session we talk about the positives ( most get lost in the bad) Then we talk about things that are still a challenge, and coach on how to breakthrough that. Then I give curated information to help in their journey ( knowledge is power), as well as fun action steps to complete between sessions. I meet my clients at their level, and together we ride through life, knocking down obstacles, and self limiting beliefs. Imagine having someone helping support you through the good, the bad the ugly. Someone committed to your success and well being. I am that person. I won’t give up or let my clients fail. I give more value than my clients pay, and I believe that is what sets me apart from most.

  • Drop some links so people could contact you :
  • G:Email:



    Coach G is going to be a motivator in my journey. She is going to help me trust myself and others to spread happiness. She is also going to help me to have the right mindset to continue on with my project. I am tired of living in the shadows. It’s my time to spread a little light. Because, after all, happiness begins with the feet.


    **Photo credit to Jill Thank you

    ** Featured** I chose the socks “When the caged bird sings” by SockSmith because it was very fitting of Coach G’s life. To me, the socks represents the inner struggle that Gena had went through before she found her passion and her releasing her old life before she could become the coach she is today. If you would love to have the same pair click here.

    *about me- after getting myself out of a very tumultuous relationship I decided to go back to college and finish my Bachelors degree in Economics from The Ohio State University. I still didn’t feel fulfilled  and decided to take on the happiness project which is phase one of my goal of opening a non-profit to help victims to regain their life and also provide financial therapy services. In the meantime I am honing in on my writing skills by offering viewers a look into the people of our own communities and what they do to make everyone's life a little happier.

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