From the Chair


So cheerleaders come in many forms. They can be your mom, dad, spouse or kids. They can also be your life coaches and friends but how about your service workers? In the limited time that I was a server at a restaurant, I was able to learn about a lot of people’s lives. I’ve witnessed celebrations, grievances, first dates, guys night outs and even bikers week. I have even learned a lot about people, sometimes a little more than I would have liked. The problem is is that the interaction is very limited, usually  to the one meal. The beautician is a completely different story.

As I open the door to one of the most awesomely relaxing places on earth, I smell the botanical fragrances of the diffuser, which immediately puts my into my happy place. Then, I get to see the smiling face warmly greet me at the reception desk. I know at that point that I am going to enjoy my visit. While calmly waiting for my turn in the chair, I take in the elegant sights of the old bank refurbished into this beautiful spa. Everything is so clean and crisp that I have this immediate overwhelming sense of calm that I usually don’t experience in too many places.

This, however, is just the beginning of the 3 hour journey into changing my outer appearance to match my crazy interior. Normally, I am a private person and I like to keep my stories to myself like a hoarder of thoughts, but when I sit in the chair it is like I have been injected with talking serum. Makenzie not only is my beautician, she also because me very own personal audience of  one for my crazy stories. For some reason, in the chair of truth, not only did she learn about my business, but she also learned about my health, family, friends, goals and life mission. When I shut my mouth long enough, I get to learn a little more about her. At th end of the session, I feel not only a sense of reward from the awesome new color and cut , but also from being able to hold an adult conversation for more than a couple minutes. For three glorious hours I have the undivided attention of my one person audience and for one moment in time, I genuinely feel as if someone is listening.  By sitting in the the chair I feel like I am the queen of the moment and that is the best feeling in the world. For this, I thank you Kenzie and Bankz salon and spa for making my experiences worth repeating perpetually. You will be listening to my crazy adventures for a long time to come.



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