Elisha Blair- Tattoo Artist

So this month was the first time I really stepped out of my comfort zone. Sure, starting a business was me steppin’ out and really so was meeting with Coach G, but this one really took the cake, so to speak.

My crazy a** got a tattoo! How do you go from never having anything permanently done to designing and inking within in a little over a weeks time? Can we say crazy!! I mean seriously, what was I thinking?

Well, what the heck! Why not… Right?! Afterall, I said I was going on a journey so I better deliver.

This journey started out by me off-the-wall mentioning to Jill about possibly getting some ink done. Need I mind you, this was just a hair-brained idea I was having. Well, Jill definitely thought differently. The next thing I knew, I was getting a text from Jill saying she was in. Well, I totally knew what was going to ask but its like when you’re in Jr. High  and you have your friend ask out your boy crush for you because your too chicken. Well, yep that’s me, hello, my name is Chicken!

Anyhoo, I digress  :), back to the story. So Jill text me and says Elisha’s in. This is great! Now what the heck am I going to get?  Sock duh… :) I wanted it to have more meaning other than to show my almost midlife crisis. I chose to get 6 socks reppin’ my 6 kiddos and a heart in the middle with my husband’s and my birthstone colors. Cool right? I think so!

The next task, where to put this thing? Well after some thought I decided the only place to put it was my thigh! You know because I need to save all the other real estate for my other imaginary tattoos.

After I got the design figured out, I reached out to Elisha to get the interview and concept down. Let me tell you, this girl is busy! Between her serving job, boyfriend and tattoo work, it took us a minute to get a meeting. Of course, this was making me nervous because my brain was trying to talk me out of being a fool. Well, we all know that wasn’t going to happen though, right!

Once we finally go the time and date set, my head caught up with the rest of me and my nerves finally settled as best as they could. Did that mean the rest of the process was smooth sailing? NOPE, not by any means, that is just not my fashion ( you will soon learn if you follow my journey). So my first impression  was awe she is so adorable, what the heck is she doing tattooing? Well, I soon learned why. Her talent is just amazing and way beyond her years. When she gets even more experience she will be blowing people away!

After the normal introductions I started the interview like I always do. I told her my why. I want her to know my passion and why she is a part of my journey. Then, I handed her the question that I wanted to know for the blog. As she was starting to tell me about herself, I get a call from the other half… Ugg… exaggerated eye roll… He knows what I am doing! So, like a loving wife, I sent him to voicemail. Elisha proceeded to tell me her story when my husband started rapid firing text me. After the third one I interrupted  her to see what he wanted. I received a pic of his thumb and a message saying that the puppy decided to use him as a chew toy and that he may need to get stitches! Really dude, you can’t pick a better time to get bit!!! (more eye rolling by the way) Of course we had to cut the meeting way short. I was so bummed that I didn’t get to learn that much more about her:(

I did, however, get to have the interview questions and for that.. Yay!:

Do you think of yourself as a positive person

-I try to be as positive as I can because I don’t see a reason in being negative. There’s already enough hate in this world, we don’t need to contribute to it by being negative.

How long have you been interested in art

-Art has always been a thing for me more specifically drawing. I can’t remember not drawing, my mom always told me that when I was little they would always have to hide pens, pencils, markers etc. from me because I would just draw and draw, on anything including important papers haha.

Do you have to be certified

-For tattooing, yes, but there’s a process and becoming certified, usually you have to take part in a apprenticeship that last about 2 to 3 years depending on your skill how well you’re improving and what your mentor thinks. After the apprenticeship is completed, you become a certified professional tattoo artist.

Do you ever want to open your own shop

-Not really any time soon, it seems like a lot of responsibility to take on and I just don’t think that I’d be ready for that for a while

Do you want to stay in a small town

-Right now I’m very comfortable but maybe later on down the road I’d like to start traveling and guest spotting in different cities to gain more knowledge and get more experience and get to know more awesome clients.

Have you ever volunteered or do you want to volunteer for your community

-I have volunteered before but I volunteered my money, not my time, because I didn’t have the time to volunteer. It was a Christmas program at my high school and I was able to buy Christmas for a little boy in need, but sooner or later I would like to volunteer my time maybe at like an animal shelter

As far as tattooing goes how do you feel it makes people happy

-tattoos is body modification, so much like doing your hair or getting new clothes it gives that kind of effect on people I do believe. Also, to a lot of people’s tattoos have a lot of meaning. Whether it’s memories made while getting a tattoo or getting a memorial tattoo for someone that was close to them.


Do you have a link for where you work?

The socks I picked for Elisha was “Rosie the Riveter.” It just suited her style. I didn’t get to learn as much as I would have liked to  about her due to my 5# killer, but I just know she is as tough as nails! As for me… this time I chose to wear the knee high button socks, mostly because they are cute and I knew I was wearing shorts so I didn’t want to blind anyone with my luminescent legs! You will thank me later when you are not blind:)

Finally, I would like to thank Erica, the owner of Gypsy Rose for allowing us to take pics in her shop. If anyone is interested, the Gypsy Rose is located in Shelby, Oh.


**Photo credit to Jill Thank you

** Featured** I chose the socks “Rosie the Riveter” by SockSmith because it fit her unspoken awesomeness. If you would love to have the same pair click here.

*about me- after getting myself out of a very tumultuous relationship I decided to go back to college and finish my Bachelors degree in Economics from The Ohio State University. I still didn’t feel fulfilled  and decided to take on the happiness project which is phase one of my goal of opening a non-profit to help victims to regain their life and also provide financial therapy services. In the meantime I am honing in on my writing skills by offering viewers a look into people of our own communities and what they do to make everyone's life a little happier.

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