5 Reasons Why it Matters what socks you Wear.


5 reasons why

So, I decided to change things up from my original blog post. While I love to talk about my experiences with running this ever changing always awesome business, I realize that people want what I am selling not how I am feeling.

I am still going to put my little flare on the subject, but now I am going to talk about the ever popular item that brought you to me in the first place… Socks.

This maiden voyage is taking me to the very essence of why I sell socks…

Without further ado.. The 5 reasons why it matters what socks you wear…


1.Keeps foot stink at bay

Ok… I know. Sounds dumb right… But seriously some people’s feet stink so bad that you can’t help but to silently gag while simultaneously trying to strategically breath while turning your head from the offensive odor. You know what I am saying.. We all have that friend.. Or are we “that” friend?

There is great news though… the great use of technology that created these awesome socks that are not only breathable but also moisture and odor wicking. I mean if you are the offender, do us a favor and pick up some socks.  Usually, they are in the sports socks sections.


2. Be Comfy

Another reason it matters what kind of socks you wear is to be comfy… How many times have you bought a pair of socks to see there is no extra cushion or they are so thin  and have no stretch so they are a little loose? What about those seams in the toes. That crap can be super annoying and it can set the whole day off. If you are looking for comfy search for extra padding or double stitched heels and toes. Also, make sure the inseam is barely recognizable. Finally, make sure there is enough bounce back when the socks stretch. This means you will have a tighter fit. Let’s face it. If your feet isn’t happy then the rest of you will not be.


3. Good Mood

Mostly, this can be in the comfy category, but really it is it’s own thing. I mean you can be comfy and still be in a bad mood. If you have a colorful or novelty sock on, you are making a conscious decision to put a smile on your own face. I mean who wouldn’t  be happy about seeing old cassette tapes on your socks. It will bring you back to the magic years of the 80’s (I am a total 80’s kids at heart). To be happy, you must make the effort and novelty socks are just the ticket you need for the happy train.good day


4. Convo Starter

What better way to strike up a conversation, especially if you are an introvert like me, than a pair of really awesome socks. As a matter of fact, even an introvert will partake in a conversation if there is something fun to start the communication with. This is where the rubber duckies or the hedgehogs come into play. Just imagine all the doors that can be opened if you walk in the room with a big smile on your face because of the duckies on your feet. Go ahead and give it a try!


5.Confidence Builder

This one is last because it is the most important. Absolutely everything leads up to confidence. If you are not comfortable you will not be able to set off the good mood vibes, and let’s face it, you  don’t set off those vibes no one will want to be around you. It isn’t enough to be happy though, you must also be able to radiate this confidence to attract people to you like a moth to a flame. I know when I put my super comfy totally awesome strawberry socks on I  know I will be having a great day. When my mind is in the game my actions follow and then so will the people.


Just imagine, one little pair of socks can change your world and the world of everyone that comes into contact with you.

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